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GPS logging device uses Google Maps to track whereabouts of kids, spouses and employees.

“Just where have those kids gone?” It used to be a phrase that didn’t really have an answer, but new technology is now making it easy to figure out where your children have been at any given time. The new SleuthGear iTrail GPS logger is an “after the fact” vehicle-tracking system that can give you information on the travel paths that any human, animal or vehicle has taken after the journey has taken place. According to EyeSpyPro.com, which follows the surveillance market, one of the biggest advantages of this system is that there is no monthly fee as would be due with a real-time system. Instead, the device can be detached from the vehicle (or human) and, using a computer and appropriate software -- including Google Maps -- you can see where the vehicle or individual has been in the previous week.

The unit features 120 hours of data-recording time, a water-resistant exterior, and an optional magnetic box for vehicle mounting. If you’re worried about what the kids are up to, whether that spouse is telling the truth or not, or whether those employees are really doing the work that they are being paid for, then this vehicle-tracking GPS logger has all the answers.



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