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iPhone App Provides Guidance After a Crash

Free mobile app from AAA helps drivers through the stressful process of documenting a collision.

Nobody wants to be involved in a traffic collision. First, of course, is the risk of bodily injury or even death. But beyond that, there is the sheer hassle of dealing with the post-crash situation. Luckily, there is an app for every possible situation these days. For potential crash victims, AAA recently launched a free mobile application for the iPhone and iPad that walks drivers through the post-traffic crash process of collecting information and photos, and even requesting a tow truck.

“Being involved in a traffic crash can be traumatic, even if all the parties involved are uninjured,” says Jeff Green, AAA national managing director of wireless product strategy. “There are a lot of things to do and information to collect following a collision that can seem overwhelming when combined with the stress of a car crash.”

The new app offers the recommended steps to take immediately after a traffic collision and helps you gather important information about the crash needed to submit an insurance claim. Among those steps are:

  • Taking photos of the crash scene and the damage to vehicles and property
  • Recording the personal information and vehicle models of those who were involved in the crash
  • Documenting the location of the crash
  • Creating a record of witnesses and police report details

The app also provides one-touch access to call the police for emergency services, AAA to request a tow, and the AAA Insurance claims department for policyholders. The app allows users to store their auto insurance company’s contact information, policy number, and drivers and vehicles on the policy. It can also be password-protected for privacy. Additionally, users can view a summary of the traffic crash details and email a report straight from their iPhone. The app is available for free from the iTunes App Store.



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