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Reducing Stress During a Road Trip

Yesterday we offered you some safety tips for the road. Today, we have some tips that will improve t...

As we mentioned yesterday, no family road trip is going to perfect. Even on the shortest drive, someone is bound to echo the timeworn plaint “Are we there yet?” And you won’t be there yet. Sure, stress can hide right around every corner, and hassles can pop up with every pothole. Courtesy of Ford, here are some unique driving tips that will make your journey go a lot smoother.

  • Wipe down your windshield with a dryer sheet and give your bumpers the once-over with cooking spray. It’ll keep airborne bugs from sticking to your windows and bumpers as you drive.
  • Stash some bed sheets in the trunk of your car before you leave. You can drape them over car seats that have become baking-hot in the sun.
  • Slice open a tennis ball and use it to cover your tow ball when you’re not using it. It will prevent scratches and keep the moisture out.
  • Add a few pairs of sunglasses (in case you lose a pair) to your travel bag before you leave to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.
  • To remove amusement-park or parking stickers from your window without scratching it, saturate the stickers with cooking oil before you start scrubbing.



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