Driving Today

Traveling Silently on Campus

Ford and Zipcar team up to offer car-sharing at a number of colleges.

In an effort to get traction for its budding small-car efforts, Ford Motor Company has combined with Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing network, to use Ford’s vehicles on more than 250 U.S. campuses. Part of the car company’s strategy is to expose young adults to its vehicles early, hoping they will stick with the brand for the long haul.

The two-year tie-up will introduce a new generation of drivers to Ford vehicles, like the fuel-efficient Focus compact and the Escape crossover, which are now part of Zipcar’s fleet of environmentally friendly, reliable and fun vehicles. Zipcar will add up to 650 Fords to its lineup during this academic year and up to 1,000 Ford vehicles during the life of the agreement.

“Today’s students are thinking differently about driving and transportation than they have in the past,” says Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. “This program enables today’s new drivers to experience our latest fuel-efficient vehicles, while helping them reduce their cost of living and help relieve congestion on campus. We’re looking forward to making Ford a staple of their college experience.”

And in another effort to kick-start the program, Zipcar will offer $10 off the $35 annual membership fee for the first 100,000 new university members who sign up for Zipcar, plus $1 off the hourly rate for the first 1 million hours of use on any of the new Ford vehicles at select colleges and universities. Ford is subsidizing the lower rates. The new Ford vehicles start arriving on campuses this week, and the program -- which could generate 2 million hours behind the wheel of Ford vehicles for college-age drivers -- should also reduce parking demand, congestion and emissions.



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