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Charlie Sheen Sells Mustang for Charity

Fallen TV star offers highly modified classic Mustang for charity auction.

One could say it hasn’t been a great 12 months for TV personality and actor Charlie Sheen. His embarrassing departure from the hit CBS show “Two and a Half Men” has been widely chronicled, and the one-man-show personal appearance tour that followed it was an unmitigated disaster. But now the former Hollywood golden boy with an unmatched acting pedigree hopes to be on the rise again. In addition to recently landing the lead role in the upcoming FX series “Anger Management” (talk about typecasting), he is now giving back to charity by ponying up his prized 1966 Mustang. The charity auction site charitybuzz.com is auctioning the stunning convertible to raise funds for C5LA, a five-year youth leadership development program that is designed to inspire high-potential, at-risk youth in Los Angeles to obtain higher education and achieve personal success. The auction runs through this Thursday, November 17.

Sheen restored the Mustang in 2006, taking a NASCAR performance theme, and he added his signature on the dashboard for the final touch. The auction organizers say the one-of-a-kind vehicle would cost approximately $300,000 to duplicate. The car is currently approved for street use in California, and it has only 155 miles on it since the restoration was completed. Under the hood, you’ll find a NASCAR-type 358-cubic-inch Winston Cup engine that produces approximately 650 horsepower. In addition to its Holley carburetor, custom stainless steel headers and 3-inch exhaust system, the engine features a Weaver Brothers dry-sump oiling system, braided steel lines for fuel and oil, a custom radiator, a heavy-duty oil cooler and Moroso dual-breather tanks. Sensibly, the car is fitted with a full NASCAR-type roll cage, five-point racing safety belts and a breakaway steering wheel. The red exterior with Le Mans-style stripes is complemented by a red-and-black interior.



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