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Audi A7 Sportback: Hidden Practicality

Don’t tell anyone, but the new Audi A7 isn’t just gorgeous; it’s also more versati...

Are you interested in an elegant luxury coupe that has much of the versatility of a station wagon? The brain trust at Audi certainly hopes you are. You see, the new Audi A7 Sportback will seat four in well-tailored luxury, handle as well as the top sports sedans and, at the same time, offer station wagon–like cargo-carrying abilities. But it is so strikingly attractive that bringing up the word “utility” might serve only to make it seem less appealing. Quite the contrary! It’s like dating a supermodel and then finding out she can cook. In the interest of low fuel consumption, the car uses numerous aluminum components, the exterior has a stunning 0.28 drag coefficient, and the power steering is electromechanical rather than hydraulic. You might say the engineering is as elegant as the exterior styling.

The A7’s 3.0-liter TFSI supercharged engine, which produces 300 horsepower, offers velvety acceleration in conjunction with the S tronic automatic transmission and quattro powertrain. With its slick handling, quiet-as-a-cathedral interior and high level of overall performance, the A7 is a sweetheart to drive for long distances. Equally sweet is the interior. In the Audi tradition, the dash is understated and exceptionally readable, and the infotainment and navigation systems are probably smarter than several people you know.

We think the car is a winner, and the judgment of the jury of curbsiders agrees with us. The big question: Will Americans accept the fact that the A7 is a $60,000 hatchback? We say “Yes.”



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