Driving Today

Mobile Phone Makers Emphasize Safety

New pavilion at wireless industry convention will feature new safety technologies.

The mobile phone industry has long been plagued with the public perception that using mobile phones while driving is inherently unsafe. Now the industry’s major annual gathering, International CTIA WIRELESS 2010, has announced the addition of a Safe Driving Pavilion, educational session and vehicle demonstrations to highlight safe driving solutions and polices. The convention and trade show will place March 23 through March 25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

As part of an ongoing effort to educate consumers about safe driving practices and responsible wireless use, the wireless industry will exhibit innovative solutions that decrease driver distractions on the road. Companies already planning to participate in the Safe Driving Pavilion on the tradeshow floor include Aegis Mobility, Drive Safely Corporation, Illume Software, Try Safety First, Inc., Vlingo and ZoomSafer. The CTIA educational program’s Policy Track will host a panel of wireless industry and safety experts during an educational session dedicated to safe driving, and outside the Las Vegas Convention Center several companies will operate live driving demos on a track featuring a variety of mobile safety software and products.

“CTIA and our members have been dedicated to educating people about the dangers of distracted driving for almost 10 years,” said Steve Largent, CTIA president and CEO. “In addition to education, we believe another important component to stop distracted driving is technology that is consumer-friendly, affordable and is not based on inflexible mandates that could stifle innovation. I am looking forward to learning more about these technologies at our show.”



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