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How to Pull off Dramatic Makeup

The real rules for wearing dramatic makeup. (Hint: It''s easier to pull off than you think.)

I’m usually a nothing-on-the-lips kind of gal. Maybe it’s because I’m lucky enough to have some natural color in my pucker or because I hate having to reapply every time I eat or drink. Either way, wearing lipstick is an exception rather than a rule for me.

Which must be why my friends were totally blown away when I showed up wearing bright red lipstick to an after-work dinner. The first thing they said to me: “Wow, you look all glowy!” and “Love the bright lips!” What’s awesome is that not only were the compliments good for my ego, but I also got a confidence boost knowing I stood out. So I truly recommend going the bold route -- especially for any big presentations, dates or speeches you’ve got to make, where you’ll really need the extra confidence.

Scared to take the plunge? Here’s some stuff I learned to help you know you’re doing it right:

  1. Choose just one feature and make it bold.
    Makeup artists and makeup counter gurus alike will tell you this: If you’re going for a red lip, go easy on the eyes and cheeks. Just pick one feature to accent boldly and make the rest more subdued. To avoid the clown look, never go bold all over (unless, of course, it’s Halloween … or it’s your kid’s birthday party and the entertainer canceled).
  2. Make sure you’re totally put together.
    Just because your lips look amazing doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair or your skin. You don’t want to get paranoid that everyone can see that unconcealed zit, your shiny T-zone or your cowlick.

  3. Apply in good lighting.
    Doing drastic makeup requires using some finesse while applying. That means having a steady hand and great lighting that allows you to see exactly what you’re doing.

  4. Check the mirror more often.
    Even if you buy longwearing makeup, you’ll need to check your makeup more frequently than normal. That’s because it can easily fade, feather or come off on your wineglass. And unlike with the natural look, everyone will notice.

  5. Really prepare for the extra attention.
    You’ll love all the extra positive feedback about how hot you look, but know that there may be some compliments you may not exactly be looking for (you know, the stereotypical construction-worker-style cat calls). Try not to get annoyed -- and know that it happens just because you look totally amazing.

What’s the worst line or reaction you ever got on a night when you looked particularly good? Share below or tweet me @Completely_You

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