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4 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making in the Shower

Are these common beauty mistakes messing with your look?

I stepped out of a wonderfully steamy shower this morning, and as I waited for the mirror to defog, I thought, “I know I wasn’t supposed to do that!” That’s because hot water really dries out your skin, and I’m paying for it with the itchies now! (Here, a derm explains why this happens.) But there are some other things you might be doing wrong as well. Are you guilty of any of the following beauty foibles?

Shower Slipup No. 1: Washing your face before your hair
If you’ve got oily or acne-prone skin, hair conditioner can trigger breakouts near your hairline. So wash and condition first, then wash your face thoroughly.

Shower Slipup No. 2: Using the wrong cleanser
Did you know foaming facial cleanser can actually be drying? And exfoliating washes that contain fruit pits can irritate and cause microscopic tears beneath your skin. The face wash you use should be creamy and customized for your skin type. If you need extra exfoliation, pick something with gentle sloughing power that’s specially formulated for the face.

Shower Slipup No. 3: Not exfoliating
I’m talking body, not face. Find a gentle way to get rid of dry, dead skin cells. But don’t go too abrasive with a rough loofah. A gentle bath pouf or hydrating body scrub should be all you need. Blot dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Follow up with a great moisturizer and your skin will feel super-silky.

Shower Slipup No. 4: Staying in too long
Keep your shower to 15 minutes or less. Letting the water flow longer than that can strip the natural moisture from the top layer of your skin, causing the same problem as hot water can: total dryness! Instead, set a timer and be sure to hop out before you get all pruney, which is about the same time your skin will start getting drier.

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