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Best Motivational Videos From YouTube

You might not know these powerful speakers, but you should. Check out their speeches when you need a...

To me, there’s nothing like a powerful speech. Before the Internet era, being in the presence of a motivational speaker could be a life-enhancing experience. While nothing is as meaningful as being in the audience, you can still gain incredible benefits by listening to speakers online. Below are four important figures who are doing amazing work in the world. They are certain to remind you of the power of creativity, intention and hope. I hope that you’ll check them out and that they’ll inspire you the way they have inspired me.

Mallika Chopra … on setting intentions

One of the first names that come to mind when it comes to the world of motivational speaking is Deepak Chopra, but let’s not forget his daughter, Mallika Chopra. She partnered with her father in 2000 to create MyPotential.com, though it’s through her latest venture -- Intent.com -- that Mallika Chopra has provided a space for millions of people to make intentions and check back in after accomplishment. The site also features a widely read blog. Mallika Chopra started Intent.com to connect with others by sharing and listening to others’ stories. Her lectures are as inspiring as her online venture.

Mallika Chopra -- ideaCity 10

Eric Handler … on thinking positive

A highly respected entertainment professional for more than a decade, Eric Handler founded the hugely popular website PositivelyPositive.com, which now has almost 1.2 million Facebook fans. The site provides a space for a variety of motivational and self-help bloggers and videographers to put forward positive messages to the world. A certified Kundalini yoga teacher and a board member of Y.O.G.A. For Youth, Handler tends to stay behind the scenes of the phenom that he created, though when he does get on stage, as in the Tedx talk above, he is as an electrifying figure.

Eric Handler -- Sparks of Inspiration

Claire Wineland … on finding strength, joy and hope

Born with cystic fibrosis, Claire Wineland has spent the majority of her life in hospitals and undergoing surgery. Instead of feeling the weight of life, she chose to live a positive, fulfilling existence, creating Claire’s Place Foundation at age 14 to help others. After spending 17 days in a coma following one surgery, she founded a Facebook page that eventually turned into this nonprofit organization. Today, this incredible young woman reaches out to people suffering from CF, as well as everyone who is seeking more strength, joy and hope in life

Claire Wineland -- It’s Just a Disease

Chris Paine … on the importance of passion

Writer/director Chris Paine inspires through social action, such as making his acclaimed 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? as well as the follow-up, Revenge of the Electric Car. Deeply embedded in alternative energy and transportation ideas, Paine is also a highly engaging and energizing speaker, reminding us that a passion pursued can lead to a fulfilled life.

Chris Paine -- BlackRockCity



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