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Create a Beautiful Centerpiece for Your Holiday Table

Looking for a fresh way to decorate your holiday table? Try this easy-to-make wrapped vase.

Dress up your table for entertaining with the look of real wood using veneer and plain glass vases. It’s a simple project you can complete in a few hours.


What It Costs: $27 + vases

What You’ll Need

Utility knife


Cutting mat or cardboard

Band-It 1x4 red oak iron-on edging

Rust-Oleum wood stain, sunbleached

Cylindrical glass vases

1. Roll veneer around a cylindrical glass vase and cut it to length to allow a 2-inch overlap. (You can trim the veneer to the height of the vase or leave it slightly higher than the top of the vase.)


2. Leave the veneer unfinished or apply a stain (we used Sunbleached). Wipe away the excess stain and let dry.


3. Check that the steam feature is turned off on your iron and let it heat to the “cotton” setting. Roll the stained veneer around the vase and use a hot iron to bond the veneer to itself.


4. While the adhesive is still hot from the iron, roll the vase to place the seam against a hard surface and press down to seal the outside edge. Continue pressing until the surface cools.

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