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How can I prevent my child from getting a back-to-school cold?

How can I prevent my child from getting a back-to-school cold?

Students do tend to be more susceptible to colds when they head back to the classroom. Anytime a large group of individuals shares the same area, there’s an increased risk of contracting a cold. To make matters worse, school starts at a time when the cold and flu season is just beginning. Also, a change in sleeping habits -- having to get up earlier and maybe missing out on a few hours of shut-eye -- can weaken the immune system.

To keep children safe, most schools have a campaign to educate students to cough into their sleeves and encourage them to wash their hands. Many have also installed hand sanitizers in various areas to reduce the transmission of germs.

As a mom, you can also do your part by following these simple steps:

· Encourage your child to scrub up regularly. Most kids expose themselves to colds and viruses by touching a contaminated surface, and then touching their face or mouth. Remind them to wash their hands every time they eat, when they come in from recess or before touching their face or mouth. As a nurse, I’m around sick people all the time, but I rarely get sick. It’s not because I have a super-strong immune system. I’m just vigilant about washing my hands!

· Get your flu shots. Although the injections don’t defend against the common cold, they will protect your family from suffering the aches, chills and fever of the flu.

· Put hand sanitizers and wipes in your child’s backpack. Hand sanitizers have been shown to be very effective, especially when soap and water aren’t available. Putting a wipe in your kid’s lunchbox will also encourage him to clean his hands before eating.

· Pack a healthy lunch. Feeding your kids lots of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can boost the immune system and help reduce the risk of contracting a virus. So fill their bags with fruits and veggies, and your children are likely to stay healthier throughout cold and flu season!

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