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Is there a "right" way to blow your nose? If so how can I teach my kid?

Is there a ''right'' way to blow your nose? If so how can I teach my kid?

The best way to clear out mucus is one nostril at a time: Press a finger over one side while you blow gently with the other and then switch. Blowing both nostrils simultaneously increases pressure in the sinuses, which can reverse the flow of mucus. Although it’s a topic of debate, some experts believe that this can cause bacteria and viruses to enter the cavity and raise the risk of a sinus infection.

To teach your children, it’s important to establish the concept of blowing first. Try these fun methods:

· Hold a candle a safe distance away from your child’s face, and have him or her blow it out

· Blow bubbles with your child

Remember to give lots of praise and encouragement. Once this lesson is established, you can move on to blowing the nose. Have her take a deep breath and close her mouth, then hold a finger to her lips as if you’re telling her to shush. Place a tissue about an inch away from her face and see if she can move it by blowing air from the nose. It helps to close off one nostril and blow just one side at a time.

It’s also important to instruct your child how to dispose of a tissue. Instead of taking it from him, ask him to discard the tissue himself in the trash can and then wash his hands.

Remember, children learn best by example, so make sure that you as a parent or caregiver use the same blowing and hygiene techniques.

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